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The Interior Design Studio

Read about our work, a day in our life at the Creative Heritage Interior Design Studio

We all begin our day in the studio at 9.30am, coffees and teas in hand and ready to tackle our day. Our team includes our Creative Director Yasmine, several interior designers, 3D visualising and procurement and project management. All essential to the long list of details that are all part of successful interior design work.

We typically manage anywhere between 3 and 6 projects at any one time, working on strict timelines in terms of the various stages of our work. First we do the design work which includes creating a concept, mood boards, layout plans and design directives and material finishes, 3D imagery and presenting these to the client and fine tuning and part of the overall design,

Secondly, its time for all the detailing which most often includes furniture design, technical drawings of all the details, elevations for exacting the design in execution stage and all the necessary documents including all the schedules that allow for manufacturers, civil work teams and any other supplier to know exactly what they are required to do. This stage takes a huge focus and attention to detail and it is this attention to detail that is so important in the process. This is where the ideas and creativity start making the transition into reality. this

Once the second stage is done, we spend a lot of time meeting with manufacturers and suppliers, running through everything to ensure all is correct, our procurement team which is outsourced to the amazing procurement company YourSource then proceed to get quotations from the various suppliers, compare costings and processing purchase orders and payments for the work to commence. This is also the stage where we do all our quality controls, visiting factories and show rooms, site visits are undertaken often to oversee any civil work such as ceilings, electrical work, tiling, carpeting, painting and any other interior construction that the projects requires.

Once the interior construction part is completed we attempt to time all manufacturing of furniture, imports of any items to be ready so we can deliver it to site and place is according to the plans. This is also the stage where we look at any snags and correct the various small items that are needed to be to the standard we expect in our projects.

So overall a regular day includes a huge number of very varied tasks, all focused on ensuring our interiors can be delivered to our clients at the high standard we set. It also means always being focused, whether that is design work or the many parts of the execution stages. But overall it means a day is never the exact same as the other, and each day has fun elements into it, and all of our team are passionate about what we do.

Team CH

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